Welcome to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica… in photos

Ahh, Costa Rica… The sand, the sea, the sky, the mountains, the people… We are in love with all of it! So much, we’ve decided to retire there.


It happened 3 years ago this month. That’s when we first fell in love with Costa Rica. At the time, we had only been dating for six months, but I didn’t care. I had finally found someone to travel with me, someone who was willing to kick the bucket list to the curb and just go!

Three years later (now married), we’ve just returned from our second trip to Costa Rica. I’m gonna shut up now and let the photos speak for themselves.

Wait, just one more note… The first time we visited Costa Rica, we spent 5 days in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast and 5 days in Playa Flamingo on the Pacific coast. The Caribbean coast was by far our favorite — where sand meets jungle. On our recent trip, we spent all 6 days on the Caribbean coast.

Here’s a view of our rental house from the backyard. For rental information, check out http://pedrosplace.com.


Front view of our rental house, Pedro’s Place:


You will see some of the most vibrant colors in Costa’s Ricas.


We had a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea from our back patio:


Neighborhood kids playing “futbol” (soccer) on the beach (Playa Negra) behind our rental house:

Playa Negra soccer game 2016

Our new friend, Kebin, with a “b,” kept us company while we watched the soccer game:


Mile-high view from the jungle . It was a bit overcast that day, but that’s the Caribbean Sea out there.


Another view of Puerto Viejo from a plateau in the jungle:


On a clear day, you can see more mountains:


Looking to the south from Playa Negra:


Some of the most beautiful colors come to light when the sun sets on Playa Negra. Pictured here: father-in-law, husband and mother-in-law.


For those timid eaters who may not be ready to try the local cuisine, Bread & Chocolate is the perfect place. Eggs, waffles, pastries and really good coffee. Located in Puerto Viejo.


The fruit in Costa Rica tastes like candy. The sweetest pineapple I’ve ever tasted in my life!


No caption needed.




We spent our last day at Hotel Banana Azul. Highly recommend this hotel for first-timers!


Driving through the clouds and mountains in the Costa Rican rainforest… Took this photo while we were driving back to the airport. It was a sad day.


Rainforest and clouds…


My father-in-law waving good-bye to Costa Rica… for now.



Future residents of Costa Rica… Thanks for reading… Pura Vida!


*Note: If you’re interested in visiting Puerto Viejo, you should know that it’s a four-hour drive from the airport in San Jose. You can rent a car, take the bus or a cab. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, happy to help!



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